Oratex is a North American specialized fabric manufacturer focused on Circular Knit Stretch fabrics and Fire Retardant fabrics. Our knitting mill, which houses the latest specialized open-width fine gauge machinery, allows us to produce fabrics that are at the forefront of today’s apparel industry.
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Prostretch is a range of stretch circular knit fabrics that have been specially engineered using the best textile technologies available and encompass all the needs of  a multitude of end-uses from fine body molding stretch lingerie to high powered compression sportswear.

      · 100% Canadian made fabric. Produced in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

· Open width knitting technology providing center crease free fabric

· 14gg, 18gg, 24gg, 28gg, 36gg and 44gg Knitting capabilities

· High quality global yarn sources

· Low tension dyeing and finishing technologies

· High levels of color fastness, coloration and continuity

· High quality suede/nap finishes

· Special “Superclean” finish for a modern cotton aesthetic

· Antimicrobial Finishes

· Wicking performance

· Special range of polyester stretch fabrics for Sublimation Printing

· Engineered stretch properties for low to high compression

· Black and White always in stock on popular styles

· Polyester/Spandex

· Nylon/Spandex

· Cotton/Spandex

· Acetate/Spandex

· Modal/Spandex

· Tencel/Spandex

· Viscose/Spandex

· Bamboo/Spandex

· Various blends of the above fibers

· Small repeat piece dyeable feeder Stripes are also available using combinations of above yarns

· Expert help and support in finding the right product for success in your business

· Dependable people with quality fabrics

· Constantly striving to improve our product quality and value in our products  

· From Initial development (single pieces) to pilot lots (300-600mtrs) to full-scale production (no limits—we are happy to grow and invest)