ECO-Stretch Fabric is engineered using the best technology available in the Canadian Textile Industry.
Manufactured by: Oratex





ECO-STRETCH range of stretch circular knit Canadian Made fabrics are engineered using the best technologies available and encompass all the needs of the serious minded environmentally conscious end-users.

· High quality organic, recycled and environmental yarn sources

· Organic approved dyes

· High levels of color fastness

· High quality suede/nap finishes

· Low tension dyeing and finishing technologies

· Nap/Suede finishes for thermal properties

· Natural anti-microbial properties

· Natural odor control

· Biodegradability

· Excellent stretch & recovery properties

· Soft comfortable fabrics



A modal fiber from Lenzing, is like the Edelweiss flower: made in Austria, pure and natural. Full integration at the Lenzing site in Austria makes it possible to produce the fiber in an environmentally sound way due to the generation of excess energy and the recovery of component parts of the wood. Even pulp production at Lenzing is self-sufficient in terms of energy and is an important supplier of energy for the entire operation. Using the Worlds first CO2 Neutral fiber this fabric is a show stopper and a real treat to wear and in combination with Oratex know how we have created a very special easy-care fabric.


Using the best Bamboo/Cotton yarns on the marketplace we can offer a full range of fabric weights from lingerie to Outerwear without compromising on quality. Enjoy not only the Eco-benefits of Bamboo fiber but its many additional naturally inherent properties not forgetting the amazing wear comfort. Just like our Organics range the Bamboo can also be dyed using Organic approved dyes.


 Using the best Organic cotton yarns on the marketplace we can offer a full range of fabric weights without compromising on quality. Our fabrics are dyed using organic approved dyes and manufactured under strict Canadian Environmental guidelines. Feel good again wearing cotton and minimize your Eco-Footprint.


Using the latest hi-tech recycled polyester and nylon yarns we can offer outstanding quality parallel to our existing ProStretch product line.  No longer do you have to compromise quality when making the ecological choice.