Oratex is a North American specialized fabric manufacturer focused on Circular Knit Stretch fabrics and Fire Retardant fabrics. Our knitting mill, which houses the latest specialized open-width fine gauge machinery, allows us to produce fabrics that are at the forefront of today’s apparel industry.
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Your environmentally friendly choice for printing!

What is Eco Polyester? This is a trademarked product property of Oratex Inc. and is a process which uses the latest technology and equipment to process polyester fabric (regular or recycled) using -70% water, -70% Energy and -70% Heat compared to traditional methods.

On average producing 1 meter of polyester fabric will consume 13 liters of water and over 29,000 Kj of energy. In comparison 1 meter of Eco Polyester fabric will consume 3.9 Liters of water and 8700 Kj of energy.

Make a solid Environmental decision—Choose Eco Polyester!