Oratex is a North American specialized fabric manufacturer focused on Circular Knit Stretch fabrics and Fire Retardant fabrics. Our knitting mill, which houses the latest specialized open-width fine gauge machinery, allows us to produce fabrics that are at the forefront of today’s apparel industry.
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Introducing Oratex Inc.’s. PROBASICS  fabric collection - for the BEST Quality basic fabrics.

                                                                               2 Thread Fleece                        3 Thread Fleece

                                                                                    Body Size Fleece & Jersey       Double Knits

                                                                                    French Terry                              Interlock

                                                                                    Jersey                                        Mini-Jacquard

                                                                                    P.D.R.                                        Pique

                                                                                    Rib                                             Spacer


Oratex Inc.'s  Made in Canada PROBASICS range of circular knit fabrics are engineered using the best technologies available in the Global Textile Industry. The PROBASICS range encompasses all the needs of the end-user be it Intimate Apparel or high end sports.


· Latest knitting technologies

· High quality global yarn sources

· Low tension dyeing and finishing technologies

· High levels of color fastness

· High quality finishes

· Low Shrinkage

· Consistent color

· High tech finishes


Select from the huge variety of constructions available in our knit plant and our wide selection of in-house yarns we can create products that are unique to your brand or choose from our pre-existing product library.


                                                                          Cotton                Modal                Poly/Cotton        Poly/Viscose     

                                                                       Recycled Polyester       Specialty Blends        Tencel          Viscose