Oratex is a North American specialized fabric manufacturer focused on Circular Knit Stretch fabrics and Fire Retardant fabrics. Our knitting mill, which houses the latest specialized open-width fine gauge machinery, allows us to produce fabrics that are at the forefront of today’s apparel industry.
9900 Ray Lawson Blvd
Ville d'Anjou
H1J 1L8

ORATEX INC.  was founded in 1989 as a Commission Knitter serving the North American garment industry.

Over the past two decades, Oratex Inc. has proven to be both flexible to changing times and consistent in quality and service to it's customers.

Oratex Inc. has grown into a high-end knit fabric supplier. Our fabrics are sold worldwide and are at the forefront of quality standards.

Whether you're producing garments for the fashion industry, the uniform business, the athletic and specialized sportswear business, or even fire retardant work-wear business, we have the knowhow and experience to supply you with your fabric needs.

All our fabrics are produced in our own facilities where we can control every aspect of the manufacturing process. Our people are well trained and have the knowledge and understanding of dealing with the challenges of today's fabric industry.  High compression, color fastness, color consistency, and lot to lot continuity, we can handle it for you.